I've been reading a book lately called The Lifegiving Table by Sally Clarkson. It's called me to see the beauty in having intentional time with my family around food and drink. It's reminded me that I have the ability to create an environment of care, love, and joy in my home. This book has helped me see that the habits and conversations and daily rituals I create now can last generations; that I have the ability to create a legacy of listening, loyalty, and laughter around my table. 

Since being regularly reminded of the importance of this intentional time together, I've tried to be more aware of moments I can redeem by having a snack or drink at the table with little Kev. Moments without the distraction of phones or TV or toys- just the two of us, smiling at each other over our oranges or cheese sticks and talking about the things a two year old sees and loves and does. 

Today, as I was making myself a cup of tea to take into the office while I worked, I was reminded that little Kev loves tea. "He would feel so special if he got to hold his own mug and drink his own cup of tea," I thought. I had asked Kevin last night to pick up some chamomile tea for the multiple colds we've suffered from the past few days, so I added a bag of this to the most colorful, fun mug I could find and cooled it with cold water from the tap. As little Kev walked in the door, breathless from running around in the backyard with Chris (my sister comes to sit with him in the mornings while I get work done), I asked him if he wanted to have some tea with Mommy and Chris. His eyes scrunched tight as he smiled wide and said 'SURE!!'

We all sat down together at the table with our cups of tea. He was so proud as he lifted his mug and took a sip. "Mmmm, delicious!" he said smiling (and yes, he really does say that when he likes something he's eating or drinking. It's adorable.). As we sat together and talked about his walk around the neighborhood with Chris earlier in the morning, he would pause and say happily 'Mommy drink tea, Chris drink tea, Kevy drink tea!" He was completely delighted to be included in this grown up pastime. 

Reading The Lifegiving Table has motivated me to see the meaning in my role as a mother and wife. It's helping me see the value in intentionality and prioritizing time around the table together. I'd encourage you to pick up the book for yourself- you'll be motivated, inspired, and warmed by her quiet encouragement and dedication to living a full, joy-filled, intentional life.