Capturing life’s entrance into the world is an intimate, raw, emotion-filled, incredible privilege. My goal with each birth session is to capture the entirety of the emotional experience of birth, and to give new parents a peaceful avenue in which to process labor and delivery. My hope is to leave new parents with pictures that remind them of every emotion they felt the day they saw their baby’s face for the first time, regardless of how or where their baby was brought into the world.

Sibling Meet

They’ve known for 9 months that a baby is soon to come, and the day is finally here! A new baby brings so much joy and excitement to the whole family, not just to mom and dad. Capturing those first moments where big brother’s eyes fill with tears as he meets little sister, where big sister’s fingers gently touch little brother’s downy hair, where siblings eyes lock for the first time is such an immense honor.


First Moments

The first minutes of life look different for each baby. Meeting adoptive parents, first swaddle, first hat, first breastfeeding, footprints, weight, skin to skin, first outfit, quiet one-on-one time, and loud family celebration are such beautiful possibilities following the arrival of each little one. First Moments is a one hour session immediately following the birth of a baby; it captures the first hour of life with your newest family member.


In Home newborn

The first few weeks of life post-delivery are different type of birth- the birth of a mother, of a father, of a sibling. In Home Newborn sessions aim to capture that birth as fully as the birth of the baby. Siblings interacting, mom nursing and snuggling with baby, dad playing with kids. It’s a new era in a family’s existence, and it’s a beautiful thing to remember.

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Photo by Emily K Barbee @emilykbarbee

Photo by Emily K Barbee @emilykbarbee

My name is Leslie! I'm the mother two sweet boys and the wife of an amazing man who also doubles as my best friend. I absolutely love seeing new life enter our world and am so honored to be invited in to witness those miracle moments!  

The name Green and Grey grew out of my passion for capturing siblings meeting each other for the first time. My oldest’s birth stone is a peridot (green!), and my second’s name is Grey. I named my business in honor of the absolutely incredible privilege it was to witness my boys meet each other for the first time, and the hope that I can capture those same irreplaceable moments for others.

I started the journey into Birth Photography in 2007. It's been a long, windy road full of starts and stops and moves and stand-stills. Between 2007 and 2019 I got married, became pregnant three times, successfully delivered two babies (in the Netherlands and in the US), moved four times (twice internationally), and found that I loved photographing births along the way. I currently live and work in Greenville, SC, and offer photography services in the surrounding area. 

If you love the birth community in Greenville, SC or have a new baby on the way, don’t hesitate to send me a message! I'd love to sit down with you over a cup of tea and talk about life, what you love about the birth community, your vision for your perfect session, and how I can make that happen! 

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