So today I embarked on an art experience led by my friend Andrew. He's been gathering inspiration from a web series that encourages artists to think outside of the box. They attempt a new endeavor in each episode. Each project is creative, adventurous, and sometimes out of their comfort zones.

One of the episodes focused on an experience rather than an end product. Pairs of artists from different states and countries who only knew a little about each other decided to pinpoint the exact midway point between their addresses. Regardless of the location, whether it be a lake, a field, or someones home, they had to try and find a way to get to that exact latitude and longitude. They selected a day and time to meet. To add interest, they also brought two parts of a whole entity. One pair brought two parts of a tuba and upon meeting, played one note. One pair brought two halves of a picnic- only realizing after meeting that one artist was actually a vegetarian (giving them interesting discussion during their meal). The point of the challenge is to promote growth, adventure, inspiration, and spontaneity. At the end of the episode they encouraged the viewers to try this for themselves in order to grow in inspiration and creativity. 

Andrew and I live fairly close to one another so our midway point wasn't too adventurous (the field behind a church), but the experience as a whole was refreshing and new. We decided to bring together two parts of a camera and create one picture from our experience. Our end product would be a little more literal, but we decided to each edit the photo and post our jointly-edited picture as our result. 

We weren't incredibly artistic or creative with our 'final picture', and as the location wasn't very pretty (scraggly dead grass with a bamboo/dead tree forest surrounding) we didn't have many options for scenery, therefore our finale is a selfie. Yep. A selfie. He edited the half of him, I edited the half of me. So enjoy seeing our lovely faces, and try the project out for yourself! You don't have to be an artist to be inspired and refreshed by this experience. 

Go have an adventure!

Leslie LoweComment