So 2014, This is What I Propose...

Part 2


This year I have a couple things i'd like to start on my way toward accomplishing. I'm still developing discipline in my life, so I've decided to add two more specific goals to my regime, hoping that they will encourage more rigid discipline on a daily basis. one easier and one harder:


1. Read through the worlds top 100 books of all time

2. Wake up at an appropriate time each day


Neither of these resolutions are meant to be only for this year, or are even accomplishable in one year. I've decided to make #1 and two-three year goal and #2 a lifetime goal.


Goal #1 was an easy one to decide on. I love to read. I not only love to read, I love a challenging read. When I was ten I resolved to read through my pocket dictionary (yeah, I had a pocket dictionary). For fun. I made it partially into the 'B' section before I forgot about my resolution (as I said before, discipline has been a life-long issue). When I was ten my class read Beowulf. The language was hard to understand, so I read slowly to try and absorb as much information as possible. From a young age reading has been a general strong point for me. My goal the past few weeks has been to look through several reputable 'Top 100' lists and begin to compile one comprehensive, challenging, and readable list.


Goal #2 was much harder to make and is much harder to stay diligent with. My entire life I've enjoyed staying awake late and sleeping in late.  The problem with this thought process is that I'm an adult. Which means I have adult jobs and adult responsibilities. While I'd love to stay in bed until ten or eleven every morning, the responsibilities of life demand that I get started earlier. I've also found that I tend to be way more productive in the mornings before people are awake. I've decided to work on getting up at least two hours before I need to be anywhere so that I can eat a healthy breakfast, spend some time with Jesus, and slowly acclimate myself to the new day. For me this is translating to a wake-up time of between 6:15 and 7:15 every morning.


I've been trying my theory out for the past three weeks. It's definitely been hard. Being a night person makes for a rough transition to a morning person. It's a very similar battle to that of jet lag. I've found it difficult to make it from 6:15 until bedtime without a nap. But i've realized that if I can cut out the naps in the afternoon i'll be much sleepier come 9 or 10 o'clock. The sleepiness with translate into earlier bedtimes and earlier rise-times. I've also found that my diet plays a huge role in this new sleeping habit as well. If I'm eating a balanced diet and limiting my sugar and caffeine intake throughout the day, i've found it much easier to feel rested the next day.


For the next year-ish i'd like to use this blog as a way to motivate myself to pursue these goals. I'd like to be able to wake up in the morning, get my tea, and start my morning by journaling and blogging.  Or maybe just do one of those. I know it's going to be a difficult adjustment, so I'm giving myself room to fail and room to grow.  My mind is racing towards the possibilities of what I could achieve with this blog, but i'm forcing myself to take this slowly. I will write. Maybe once a week, maybe 7 times a week, but I will write. I will try to keep getting up early. Maybe only 30 minutes early, maybe i'll hit my goal of two hours early, or maybe I'll sleep in one day. 


Lastly, i'll be figuring out new ways to worship. My relationship with God is changing. I'll go into it in another post (maybe...), but in short I need to find new ways to connect with him. My daily worship needs a revamp. In the next year i'll be working through what that looks like for me on a daily basis. How will I connect with my Father? Whether it's through reading, talking to Him, listening to sermons, listening to witty yet challenging podcasts, singing, dancing, creating, or sitting in silence I'm planning on trying it all. 


This ends Part 2 of my text-heavy start to a new year. I'm hoping to track my progress through this blog. I'm hoping to see growth and movement. I'm hoping that this starts inspiring conversations with people that turn into actions. Dum Spiro Spero. My newest reminder to continue to hope. I won't lose hope. My Father is growing me (albeit slowly and sometimes I feel like I'm reversing the process) and giving me life. Therefore I will hope. 


While I Breath, I Hope.

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