Am I The Only One?

Sometimes I'm the master of dinner. Anthony Bourdain could make a surprise visit to my kitchen and I would welcome him with open arms and a pot of the best Thai Green Curry Chicken you've ever tasted. 

Then there are those other times. Times where my cupboards are bare, my refrigerator is filled with old condiments and a few small containers of leftovers from my Anthony Bourdain hosting days (that have, quite honestly, probably molded by now). 

Times where I can't seem to get my crap together to put a semi-decent grocery list on paper, or think of anything better for my toddler to eat at lunch than pb&j.

Today is one of those days, and unfortunately it's coinciding with weekly meal-planning-and-shopping-day. 

My family is doomed. Someone will probably look for us one day this weekend after we haven't shown up places all week and find us all dead of spaghetti overdose, Kevin writing 'send help' in the marinara. 



Leslie LoweComment