Charleston Lover's Sneak Peek

So. There's this new thing called Vacation Photography. It's something that I'd never thought of doing, but when my aunt and uncle asked me to come to Charleston, SC to photograph a session with them for their 12th wedding anniversary, I couldn't refuse the opportunity. Being able to be with them in a relaxed, fun environment took all the pressure off 'finding the perfect candid moments', as the whole day was centered around being relaxed and exploring Charleston. We walked through the oldest districts in the city exploring the charm of the ocean-air wafting through the open market, old churches full of pride and honor, cobblestone streets creating paths through hidden alleyways, and Carolina Jasmine-covered courtyards. Romance, relaxation, enjoyment, and happiness was all around them during this celebration of their marriage. 

The gallery will be up soon, but until then I hope you'll enjoy this sneak peek of the gorgeous Charleston Lovers session.

UPDATE: here's the link to the gallery!

Leslie LoweComment