Behind the Scenes

It's been quite a while since I posted anything personal. The past few weeks have been crazy, emotional, and exhausting. After finishing shooting a wedding the evening of April 12th, I checked my phone and found that I had several missed calls from my dad. When I returned his call, I learned that my grandfather was killed from injuries sustained in a car accident that evening. My second shooter Ivy (who was incredible and SO helpful and sensitive during the drive home) and I drove through the night to get back to Greenville so I could be with my family. It was obviously a shock for our entire family and the ensuing days were filled with tears and questions and sleepless nights and lots and lots and LOTS of paperwork. 

We're still recovering from the blow, but God has been incredibly kind to us through all of this. Our extended family is closer than we've ever been. People have been so generous and so encouraging. We have seen just an incredible outpouring of love and gifts of food and flowers and sympathy and time. We also know that through this seemingly untimely death, God spared my grandfather from a long, slow, painful death by Diabetes. For that we are extremely grateful. 

During the past two weeks my photography was slightly put on the back burner, but as this is wedding season so it's pretty hard to slow down. In light of this I'll be posting a LOT the next few days.

I'm just sayin'. Prepare yourself.  

The first photos for this week will be some behind the scenes stuff. My second shooter, Ivy, and one of the videographers, Sam, caught a few photos of what it looks like to be on the other side of the camera during a wedding day. Wedding days for a photographer can be stressful and tiring, but when you love what you do it makes all the craziness worth it. Enjoy some of the behind the scenes magic from the past three weeks!



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