If I were getting married (which I already have) or having a baby (which I am NOT), I would most likely register for gifts. I would probably register for some necessary evils like cookware and silverware or burp cloths and diapers, but then I would feel obligated to finish out my registry with items that I don't need and don't have room for. 

Enter, So Kind Registry.

This registry system enables users to register for gifts in several categories: Gifts of Time and Skill, Gifts of Experience, Gifts of Charity, Handmade Gifts, Secondhand or New Gifts, Gift Cards and Funds, and Day of Event Help. 

Where was this place when I got married?! I'll definitely be utilizing this website when we decide to have ten years.

If you are getting married or expecting a child or registering for a house warming party, check this website out. It's a great way to utilize people's generosity but not accumulate unneeded items.

Check it out here

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