Paris Engagement

September 27th dawned crisp and blue skied. Parisian bakers wake early- the smell of freshly formed dough wafts through the cobblestoned streets and quiet alleyways. We opened our courtyard-facing window that morning and breathed in the cool air. It was peaceful to wrap in a warm sweater and lean into the morning air to watch Paris wake. 

Kevin and I were asked to come to Paris last weekend to help Kevin's good friend Tyler in his surprise proposal to his girlfriend Amy. Because we arrived on Friday night and the proposal was set for Saturday night, we spent most of our day Saturday exploring Paris on our own. After a series of unfortunate events, we arrived at the Chateau later than planned, but the end result was worth all the stress of mishaps. Tyler proposed just after sunset in front of the candle-lit castle to a (semi)surprised girlfriend and she tearfully and joyfully accepted. As it grew darker (and colder, we all noticed, having forgotten jackets of any kind), we made our way through the candle strewn garden pathways sipping rose´ champagne and laughing about the many many difficulties of the day. We sat by a pond and watched the stars come out as we ate cheese, drank red wine, and the men smoked their celebratory cigars. The evening at the Chateau ended with a splendid fireworks display over the mirror lake. 

P.S. In case you were wondering, the bearded guy in a couple of those pictures is Kevin. Because Kevin and Tyler are such good friends, he definitely made it in some of the photos (mostly being a typical guy with his typical guy friend whom he hasn't seen in over a year). I was able to shoot around him/edit him out of most photos, but there are a few that just needed to be included.

P.P.S. I didn't get any huge awesome photos of the fireworks display because 1) I videoed it instead and 2) because I was videoing I was able to personally enjoy the show much's why I only have baby beginning fireworks to share with you...

Ok! Now go enjoy the photos! 

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