SO! Today! I woke up late. And I'm ok with that. This weekend, while fun, was exhausting for me. I'm also one of those people who take at least a week to adjust to a new sleeping arrangement. I don't sleep much on weekend trips. It's obvious then that taking care of a two teenagers (while awesome, I'll admit) and one child (equally awesome), and five dogs and nine 3 week old puppies (my parents run a kennel) will make anyone exhausted.

Hence, I'm ok with sleeping in today. One of the things I love about this whole non-regimented pursuit of disciple (oxymoron? I think not!) is that there's room to be flexible. I know I need rest to start again this week. I'll sleep until 9am one day to rejuvenate myself. I feel more alive, less irritable, and more ready to tackle my week.

I started my morning by listening to the Reformed Pubcast and chopping up ingredients to go in my daily Green Drink. What are these morning musts, you may ask? Only the most refreshing ways to start the day. This is Green Drink:

IMG_6074 copy.jpg

While this may look like a green slime monster, it's actually very delicious and refreshing. I'll post the recipe at the bottom of the page. It gives me as much energy as a cup of black tea without the side effects of caffeine. The vitamins and nutrients that my body is able to take in each morning has made a huge difference in how it's able to respond to high-energy projects, hormone that control moods, and digestion of different foods throughout the day. Crazy! All this from some green smoothie. 

I also made a fried egg (with sea salt and pepper) and placed it on a toasted Ezekiel Bread english muffin. Just the most wholesome of breakfasts. 

The Reformed Pubcast is just a couple of guys from South Florida sitting in their kitchens talking about beer, bacon, Breaking Bad and the Bible. But seriously, the talk about that stuff. They also talk about other things that don't start with the letter 'B'. Like reformed theology and Calvinism. While I don't necessarily agree with everything they say, I really enjoy waking up on monday morning by listening to these guys talk life and theology. I have a tough time reading theological books, but Les and Tanner make it feel less like reading a theological dictionary and more like a warm conversation with friends. Also there is delicious craft beer. And hilarious games. Go check them out!


So far my day has a long list of To-Do's, but I wanted to start out by giving thanks for a couple things. 

1. My husband. He's a hard worker, a faithful leader, a loving servant, a thanksgiving-er, and a good snuggler. I love him and his long locks.  I pray that our children will have his dark, thick, perfectly curly hair.

2. My sisters. Being able to be part of a long heart-to-heart last night with the older three really made me realize how much grace God has given my family. We all love each other so much, and my sisters are truly my best friends. 

3. Our roommate and good friend Nate. The haver of great conversations and just an all around blessing to know and have as a part of our lives. 

As I've been typing and thinking, I've been reminded to live free and look for inspiration in the mundane today. I'm looking forward to what this week will hold and seeing where each day's inspiration will be derived from. Today I'm inspired by love. Love that Jesus has for me that I totally don't deserve, love that sisters have for each other that will never ever fade, love that my husband has for me and how amazing he is at showing it, love for friends and spouses and two incredible jobs, love for clients who are happily married and for past and future weddings, love for babies that have been and are going to be born and the miracle moments that will be captured by my camera, love for music and warmth and a sunny day, and love for the new beginning that each year, month, week, and day provides. Clean slates, with no mistakes in them.

Live free, be inspired, go adventure!

Recipe for Green Drink:


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