I titled this post 'Leaving', and then sat for a full minute before deciding where to even begin.

The word holds such finality. It fills me with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Of deep sadness and giddy joy.


I always knew I would, I just never knew where or when or with whom or how far. 

To be honest I still don't know the answer to all those questions, but this year has been one of searching and seeking and asking and knocking. We've done our share of questioning. And now we're waiting. God is teaching us patience and trust. He's given peace where there was turmoil. And right now there is one definite answer that has resounded in our hearts and minds:

We are leaving.

Most likely soon. 

Because of this i've been extremely reminiscent lately. Which means i'll be doing a lot of 'back in the day' posts...mostly pictures. Get ready for memory overload.


It's a new day. I'll post one of the sweetest memories first.

Good morning.


Leslie LoweComment