Getting-up-Early for Amateurs

I have ten minutes to write this morning, so i'll make this short. I met a good friend at a homey little coffee shop/bakery called Coffee to a Tea this morning for tea and coffee around 7:30am. I'll admit, getting out of bed at 6:30 when my mind was screaming Sleep more! You're an adult and your job doesn't start until 10 today! Do what you want! was difficult. I've found a couple things that help me be happy that I've woken up early, though, and maybe (if you're trying to do the whole wake-up-earlier-than-you-need-to thing) these will help get you going too:


1. Get dressed in something other than a sweatshirt and yoga pants.

Yes the comfort level achieved by this clothing is untouchable. Yes it does make me want to stay nestled under my sheets a little longer. No it's not helpful. When I put on jeans it automatically makes me feel more awake. Not sure the science behind this, but it works.


2. Turn on all the lights (not near your sleeping family or spouse)

This has definitely proved effective for me. The light stimulates my brain way more than my phone backlighting does.


3. Light a candle.

Again, the science behind this is fuzzy at best, but somehow it makes me happy to be alive and awake. And your family members will be happy when they wake up to a delicious smelling house.


4. Make a nice cup of tea (or coffee).

Kevin likes to make himself a fresh french press cup of coffee every morning. I prefer tea. We both tend to splurge on these items, so it makes each cup exciting to experience.


5. Read an interesting book.

For me this is either The Fellowship of the Ring (J.R.R. Tolkien) or Love Does (Bob Goff). Both stimulate me mentally and help me start functioning rationally.


I know that list wasn't incredibly inspiring or exciting, but those are a couple things that I've found make it easier to be alive at ungodly hours of the morning (the 6:00 hour is definitely way too early for my mind y'all. It for sure qualifies as ungodly). Off to work now, but i'm hoping to journal a little later on about my conversation with my friend. Mornings are the best times to have God talks with friends. God is too cool when he brings people into our lives at the right moments.


Live free and seek inspiration today!



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