New Beginnings...

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There are so many new additions to Leslie Anne Photography. As i'm sure you've noticed by now, the website has been restructured as well as the logo. We have new pricing, a new look, and best of all, a brand new emphasis!

Starting in August, we will be offering what we affectionately call the New Beginnings Sessions!

Within this title, we will offer a group of sub-sessions ranging in prices depending on what your needs are. 

The first of the New Beginnings Sessions is a sub-session called the Mother Session. This session will be specially tailored to each individual mother according to her hobbies, preferences, and tastes. This can include just the mother, mother and father, or mother, father and children.


The second sub-session is called the Birth Session. When you book this session I will be there at the birth place, day or night, to capture the moments leading up to, during, and right after the birth. I will stay a couple hours after the birth to capture the baby's first time meeting the family. 


The third sub-session that we will offer is the First Session. This excludes the birth portion and is simply the baby's first portrait, either at the birth place the day after birth or at your house later in the week.   


The fourth and most inclusive sub-session that we will offer is the Beginning Session. This all inclusive sub-session buys our devoted attention to you and your unborn child for nine months. We will begin by creating memories with the Mother Session, continue to herald the new baby's birth with a Birth Session, and end by capturing the first moments in this new baby's life with their First Session. 

My goal is to give you memories that will last for decades to come. 


Enjoy first Birth Session here!


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